Getting Started

Getting started at CrossFit SA1 is easy. We invite anyone who is interested to a free taster session, either on a Wednesday evening at 6.30pm or Saturday morning at 10.30am. Simply click the button below and follow these steps.

  • ‘Sign up’ to the Wodify registration system
  • Receive your welcome email
  • Complete the online waiver
  • Book onto your preferred Taster Session

Sign up and book your free session at CrossFit SA1

Beginners Course

If you are interested in taken the first step to being awsome and attending our fundermentals course. You will learn all the basics and give you the confidence to jump into our CrossFit classes and join our community.

If your interested please purchase the course below via the paypal button and also once you have purchased he course please follow the register link so you will book your place.